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MadDog Vivo

25m x 0.8m Fish Sticky Net Single Layer Fishing Net

25m x 0.8m Fish Sticky Net Single Layer Fishing Net

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The width of the fishing net is 31,5" and the length is 984.3".
The fish net consists of many small grids, the diagonal of the grid is 1.4", which can catch fish with a width of about 1.2".
When using the fishing net, you need to be careful, because the fishing net line is very thin. When you find a suitable lake and small river, you can place the fishing net in the water. Just wait, as long as the fish touch the net, they will stick to the net. After waiting for a while, you can close the net, separate the fish from the net, and use it again.
When collecting the net, please tidy up and remove the sundries
Let me explain here that the fishing net line is very thin and thin, so please don't pull it hard. The purposes of the thin line is for better fishing, and the thick line can't catch fish, so I will explain it to you here.




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