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Air Filter for Bedroom with Adjustable Night Light; H13 True HEPA Air Filter for Office Desk; JH50G-M; White

Air Filter for Bedroom with Adjustable Night Light; H13 True HEPA Air Filter for Office Desk; JH50G-M; White

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small air purifier
air purifiers for small room

Preliminary filter

The True HEPA Odor Eliminator pre-filter captures bigger particles such as dust; hair; pet hair; lint; pollen; and dander; ensuring a clean interior. You may also clean the pre-filter on a regular basis to extend the life of the HEPA Filter.

True HEPA Filter H13

Remove all respirable and ultra-fine particles from the indoor air. Dust; farina; pollens; dander; and dust are among the allergens that cannot get through the filter.

Active Charcoal Filter

True HEPA air cleaner active charcoal filter attracts molecules as it has an absorbing effect. Cigarette smoke; chimney smoke; cooking odors/kitchen smells; nitrogen oxides; ozone; odors; chemicals; fumes; and VOCs are all trapped by TEC.BEAN activated carbon filter. It also absorbs pollutants from the living area; such as formaldehyde; which is released by building materials; carpets; furniture; and paintings.

air purifiers for bedroom


  • When it comes to air filtration; the new TEC.BEAN compact air filter offers you almost limitless possibilities:
  • The desktop air filter covers an area of up to 500 ft² thanks to its high-efficiency filtration system and is perfect for use in the bedroom; kitchen; living room; study; and baby room.


desktop air purifiers

All features may be controlled with ease thanks to a newly designed LED touch control panel.


  • There are 3 fan speed levels available; ranging from lowest to highest; to match any purpose.
  • The night light is adjustable; you may set it to bright; dim; or off.
  • The timer is designed to help you save energy by setting the specific operating time (2; 4; 8 hours; OFF). When the timer runs out; the air filter turns off automatically.
  • The child lock effectively prevents errors caused by pets or kids.
  • The Replacement Indicator alerts you when it is time to replace the filter.



  • The night light is adjustable; you can adjust bright; dim; or off to help you sleep peacefully.
  • In sleep mode; the noise level drops to 20dB. You can enjoy noise-free sleep. Perfect for babyrooms and bedrooms.
  • Blue light is reduced with a well-designed sunset yellow night light significantly. Blue light disrupts your circadian rhythm; causing your brain to awake when it should be asleep. One button control; you can trun on or off according to your need.

About Air Filter for Bedroom with Adjustable Night Light; H13 True HEPA Air Filter for Office Desk; Odor Eliminators for Home; Sleep Mode 20dB Air Cleaner for Dust; Pet Dander; ; Pollen:

Compact Yet Powerful: 100% Ozone Free Certified By CARB; available for California; TEC.BEAN home air filter has a 3-Stage filtration system with H13 True HEPA; Activated carbon filter; Preliminary filter. Traps pet fur; hair; and lint removing contaminants from the air. The activated carbon filter absorbs smoke and cooking odors. True HEPA filter captures airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns; such as pet dander; pollen; dust.

Small Size Fits Everywhere: Small; lightweight; 1.98lb; 6.3*6.3*9.69in; mini size air filter cleaner fits bedroom; kitchen; nursery; living room; office; desktop.

Sleep-Friendly & Ultra Quiet: Sleep mode is critical when you're working; sleeping or reading; Ultra Quiet TEC.BEAN True HEPA Air Filter 20dB noise level is here for you. Meet the brand new sunset yellow night light that helps you sleep better! The blue light messes with your circadian rhythm; or sleep cycle and affects the production of melatonin.

Smart Filter Replacement Indicator: Built-in Filter Replacement Indicator reminds you when to replace your filter. Replace the filter every 3-6 months depending on the indoor air quality and the frequency of use. A genuine replacement filter: B09FLTZB62.

Note: please remove the plastic bag from the HEPA filter before running the air filter.

1 x HEPA air filter main unit; 1 x air filter; 1 x user manual 


TEC.BEAN JH50G-M 空气净化器 白色  US-10TEC.BEAN JH50G-M 空气净化器 白色  US-11TEC.BEAN JH50G-M 空气净化器 白色  US-12TEC.BEAN JH50G-M 空气净化器 白色  US-13TEC.BEAN JH50G-M 空气净化器 白色  US-14TEC.BEAN JH50G-M 空气净化器 白色  US-15TEC.BEAN JH50G-M 空气净化器 白色  US-16TEC.BEAN JH50G-M 空气净化器 白色  US-17


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