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Air Filter for Home Large Room; H13 Filter Air Cleaner; 100% Ozone Free Quiet Air Cleaner for Home; Bedroom and Office; E-300L White

Air Filter for Home Large Room; H13 Filter Air Cleaner; 100% Ozone Free Quiet Air Cleaner for Home; Bedroom and Office; E-300L White

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  • Large Room Coverage: With the high-efficiency filtration system; the air filter covers an area up to 1000ft²(100m²).
  • High-efficiency: capable of delivering 132 CFM (210m³/h) of clean air quality; this home air filter refreshes air quality quickly.
  • Modern Design: Fits in any space from small to large rooms; bedrooms; living rooms; offices; nurseries; kitchens; and basements; is a good companion in the constant battle with airborne allergens.
  • Wide Applications: Perfect for pet owners; babies; children; the elderly; or anyone wanting to improve the air quality.
  • Energy Saving: Uses only 0.053KW per hour for circulating the indoor air. Using only 16W on the low speed; more energy-efficient; and has less electricity bill.
  • High-quality Carbon Filter: This high-efficiency carbon filter was 100% natural derived from organic coconut shells; without any chemicals and additives to fit the larger specific surface area. It eliminates smoke and odors from the kitchen; the old house; the basement; cigarettes; and wildfire to breathe healthily.


HEPA Air Purifiers

3-in-1 True H13 HEPA Filter


  • Fine Preliminary Filter filters Dust; hair; pet hair; lint; pollen; pet dander: The pre-filter catches larger particles and helps ensure a clean environment. In addition; you can clean the pre-filter regularly to extend the lifecycle of the H13 Filter.
  • H13 Filter Remove all respirable and ultra-fine particles from your indoor air.
  • High-efficiency Active Charcoal Filter has an absorbing effect; which means it attracts molecules. Our activated carbon filter easily dispelled cigarette smoke; chimney smoke; the smell of cooking; nitrogen oxides; ozone; odors; chemicals; fumes; VOCs. And they absorb living area toxins such as formaldehyde; which is a probable human carcinogen that is found in construction materials; paints; cigarette smoke; and some cosmetics.


air purifiers large room


  • New Technology-Lock Set


To prevent error operations accidentally caused by pets or children.

Hold the Timer button for 3-5 seconds to lock/unlock the air filter. When the lock mode is on; none of the buttons are responsive.


  • Smart Filter Reminder


With a built-in filter replacement detector; this air filter can calculate the remaining filter life. When the light of the replacement filter flashes in white; please change a new filter in time to ensure the air-purifying quality.


  • Portable Air Filter:


Compact to remove around with only one hand by using the handle on the back of the machine. If you want a device that you don't have to babysit; and is portable and user-friendly; then MOOKA air filter is your best choice!

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  • Whisper-Quiet without Display


Thanks to advanced technology; the lowest noise level (20dB) are almost voiceless. It cleans your air; doesn't affect your work; study or sleep.


  • Ozone-free HEPA air filter


Cleans air without producing harmful ozone and secondary pollution; you don't have to worry for long use.

air purifiers for home large room
air purifiers for home



  • Input Voltage: 120V.
  • Applicable Area: 969ft²/90m².
  • Noise Level: 20-50 dB.
  • Operational Weight: 8.26lb
  • Operating Temperature: 5°F~140°F (-15℃~60℃).




  • Please do not place anything on top of this appliance.
  • This appliance is for indoor use only.
  • Please remove the plastic bag from the filter before using the air filter.

COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE: MOOKA HEPA Air Filter capable of delivering 132 CFM (210m³/h) of clean air quality; this home air filter covers an area of up to 1000ft²(100m²); circulates air quickly The unique size and contemporary design of MOOKA air filter perfectly fit large rooms; bedrooms; living rooms; offices; living rooms; nurseries; kitchens; and basements.

3-IN-1 TRUE H13 HEPA FILTER: Unlike other H11 or H12 filter; this MOOKA air filters is equipped with a Pre-filter designed to trap large particles like hair; pet dander and fiber; The H13 True HEPA filter which captures airborne particles 0.3 microns in size; ridding your environment of smoke; dust; pollen; High-efficiency Activated Carbon Filter-- quickly captures and neutralizes bad smells; pet odor and VOC to freshen the air quality.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL: 3 Fan Speed Modes (L/M/H) ; 3 Timer (2/4/8H)option; Display on & off for whole night good sleep; Child Lock setting prevents error operations caused by pets or children. Filter Change Indicator automatically detects and reminds you to change it (when the indicator light in white);Portable Handle in the back saves more strength while moving at home than others. With Streamlined appearance; this large air filter can also used as a decor at home.

QUIET & ENERGY SAVING: With noise levels as low as 20 dB; this HEPA air filter is whisper-quiet when at rest or at work. Operating at just 16W at its low fan speed and energy-saving can be up to $15 to $20 per year. This air filter for home is ideal for those wishing to cut down on electricity usage and help the environment.

SAFE AND RELIABLE: 100% Ozone Free Air Cleaner. Certified to ETL; FCC; CE; RoHS.

Tips: Please take off the plastic bag of the replacement filter before running the air filter.

Note:for purchasing the official certified replacement filter

KOIOS HEPA air filter B-D02L Black;  

AC - DC adapter

user manual 

HEPA air filter


MOOKA  E-300L 空气净化器 白色  US-9MOOKA  E-300L 空气净化器 白色  US-10MOOKA  E-300L 空气净化器 白色  US-11MOOKA  E-300L 空气净化器 白色  US-12MOOKA  E-300L 空气净化器 白色  US-13MOOKA  E-300L 空气净化器 白色  US-14MOOKA  E-300L 空气净化器 白色  US-15


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