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Aromita Essential Oil Wellness 6-Packs in 2 Styles

Aromita Essential Oil Wellness 6-Packs in 2 Styles

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Choose between two 6-packs of fragrant essential oils: become more focused and energetic; or calm and relaxed. These pure extracts help create pleasant and nurturing environments throughout your home. Use them in your diffuser or humidifier as you lounge; cook; mediate; practice yoga or anytime you need to want to dispel tension or excite your mind. Great for your home spa and reed diffusers. 

  • All oils are 100% naturally organic -- no added chemicals
  • You get 6 / 10mL bottles in each set
  • Each bottle provides approximately 20 hours of luxurious aroma
  • Perfect for use with the Aromita 
  • The Sensuous Collection (A) includes: Jasmine; Lavender; Rose; Cherry Blossom; Violet and Lilly
  • The Tranquility Collection (B) includes: Sandalwood; Green Tea; Bamboo; Ocean; Vanilla and Lemon

The product is meant simply for relaxation and entertainment purposes only.


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