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Beauty Bar 4N1 Rose Quartz Face Massager Kit

Beauty Bar 4N1 Rose Quartz Face Massager Kit

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Beauty Bar 4N1 Rose Quartz Face Massager Kit


Beauty Bar’s 4-in-1 Rose Quartz Face Massager Kit provides you multiple ways to rejuvenate and energize your skin.

With one AA battery (not included) the wand creates a high-frequency vibration (6000-7000 vibrations/min) that can relax muscles and promote blood flow and collagen production. Daily use can improve circulation and combined with relaxed muscles can minimize fine lines and create smoother skin.

The 4 interchangeable heads each take on a different task:

Circular Rose Quartz Head – EyesDrip-shape Head – TightenT-shaped Head – LiftCurved T-shaped Head – Lift on curved surfaces

Rose Quartz is a superior product over the jade versions on the market. Rose Quartz stays cool whereas jade is adaptive in nature and tends to warm with skin contact. Rose Quartz is better known for its wrinkle-reducing benefits, and it is a more durable product then its softer counterpart, jade.


4N1 Design with 4 interchangeable heads high-frequency Vibration Massage (6000-7000/min)Waterproof constructionSuperior Quartz material beautiful Rose and Gold design.Compact, carry anywhere model


Circular Rose Quartz HeadDrip-shape HeadT-shaped HeadCurved T-shaped HeadVibrating Wand Handle*User’s ManualCarry Pouch


Use with your favorite creams and serums to maximize the skin absorption.Refrigerate the heads for added benefits: cooling your skin, and reducing puffiness, swelling, redness and other possible skin irritations.

 *Requires 1- AA battery (not included)


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