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Candle Warmer Lamp - Melt Lantern Candle Lamp

Candle Warmer Lamp - Melt Lantern Candle Lamp

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Candle Warmer Lamp - Melt Lantern Candle Lamp


This candle warmer lamp will slow down the process of melting your scented candles by turning on the heating bulb which is safer than lighting it up with a fire. This candle lamp warmer is designed with a stable round base and metal iron lamp shade to maximize the heat-gathering and for better releases of your favorite scent. This candle warmer lamp comes with a warm white lightning bulb and a dimmable knob to cast out a soft or firm glow and aroma in your home by simply controlling the brightness that depends on your mood. (When the lamp is brighter, it means the candle will melt faster, and the smell will get stronger) Easy to operate and maintain. This candle lamp is a perfect gift for your grandparents and loved ones that are scented candle lovers.


Candle Warmer Lamp - Melt Lantern Candle Lamp


Enjoy our stylish candle warmer lamp in your home to distribute the scent more safely and healthily throughout the space.


Candle Warmer Lamp - Melt Lantern Candle Lamp



  • No Open Flame Wax Warmer: Designed with a stable round base and metal iron lamp shade, it maximizes heat-gathering and better releases the scent of your favorite candles. Use the heat to melt the candle from top to down, prevent any burning dangers, and no more open flame and smoke. This candle warmer is much safer for home use.
  • Warm White Bulb: A warm white lighting bulb and dimmable knob cast a soft or strong glow in the home environment. Creating a relaxing mood and optimal for meditation. Control the brightness/strength at your will. When the lamp is brighter, the candle will burn faster, and the smell will be stronger.
  • Great Air Fresher: Place the scented wax under the bulb, then it spreads fragrant wax throughout your space, delighting you and your guests while eliminating unpleasant odors such as smoke, pet urine, trash, and bathroom odors.
  • Easy To Operate & Maintain: This wax burner is super easy to use. Install the bulb, plug it in, turn on the switch, and add your wax cubes. The metal iron frame can be easily wiped down the candle residue. With a wide, open lampshade, this candle warmer lamp fits all sizes of candles, from small to a large jars.
  • Optimal Gift: This wax warmer lamp is definitely for you with a classic, decorative outlook with a metal-iron texture. Its minimalist style will catch the eye and make it the perfect addition to any modern home and office. It is a great housewarming gift and birthday gift.


  • Product Type: Electric Candle Warmer Lamp
  • Materials: Metal Iron
  • Color: Black
  • Bulb Type: GU10
  • Per Bulb Power: 35W 120V Halogen Bulb
  • Bulb Lifespan: 1500Hrs
  • Color Temperature: 3600K
  • Voltage: 110V US Plug
  • Cord Length: About 56in
  • Per Bulb Size: 1.88x1.88x2.08in
  • Pert Bulb Weight: 0.09lbs
  • Assembled Item Size: 6.69x6.69x12.12in
  • Item Weight: 1.38lbs
  • Package Size: 7.08x7.08x12.6in
  • Package Weight: 2.16lbs


  • Please do not melt the candles using the wax-melting lamp.
  • Please place the unit on a smooth surface to avoid candle residue leakage and scalding.
  • Ensure the light is OFF and Cool Down before replacing the bulb.
  • Make sure use time is less than 6 hours per duration. Please switch off the wax lamp before you go out.
  • Please do not touch the lampshade during use.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Candle Warmer Lamp with Power Cord Adapter
  • 2x GU10 Bulbs (One For Replacement)


Candle Warmer Lamp - Melt Lantern Candle Lamp


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