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Chick Heating Plate - 15 Chick Heating Plate

Chick Heating Plate - 15 Chick Heating Plate

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Chick Heating Plate - 15 Chick Heating Plate


This Chick Heating Plate is designed to maintain the chicks' bodies' warmth, giving them more rest and less interrupted sleep—our heating plate features adjustable height and angle for more practical and convenient use. The temperature range of this heat lamp for chicks is between 101 to 104°F to provide a perfect brooding condition for baby chicks. Compared to the heat lamp, our brooder heater plate can warm up 15 chicks under 13W power to save cost and energy. This chick heating plate is ideal for home use and small farms.


Chick Heating Plate - 15 Chick Heating Plate

Enjoy our Chick Heating Plate to promote healthy growth and feather development of chicks, ducklings, goslings, and other young poultry.


Chick Heating Plate - 15 Chick Heating Plate



  • Chick Brooder Heater -  is designed to heat up by electricity to maintain a warm and comfortable environment for newly hatched chicks, perfectly simulating a real hen and encouraging healthy growth and feather development for chicks, ducklings, poults, goslings, and other young poultry, suitable for home use, small farms, school lessons
  • Adjustable Height & Angle - Features stands & adjustable knobs on 2 sides of the heating plate for easily moving the plate up and down, you can increase the height of the heating plate as the chick grows; Allows 360-degree free rotation to hold the plate upright or at any position you like
  • Ideal Brooding Temperature - The heating plate keeps heating up after plugging in and keeps a constant temperature range between 101 to 104°F to provide an optimum brooding condition for baby chicks
  • Higher Safety & Energy Saving - A safe alternative to a heat lamp and there is less of a fire risk during heating; Can warm up to 15 chicks with only 13W power, saving your costs compared to a heat lamp; ETL listed plug & SAA certified power cord to ensure electricity safety
  • Tool-free Assembly - No tools are required for easy assembly, just insert the stands into the base, put the heating plate between 2 stands, fasten the plate with screws, and tighten



  • Overall Dimension(LxWxH): 10 13/16" x 10 13/16" x 8 7/8"
  • Heating Plate Dimension(LxWxH): 9 5/8" x 9 5/8" x 1 3/8 "
  • Power Cord Length: 3 2/3 ft
  • Voltage: 110 V, 60 Hz
  • Power: 13 W
  • Net Weight: 1.76 Lbs


Package Includes:

  • 1x Heating Plate
  • 2x Stands
  • 1x Base
  • 1x Power Cord
  • 2x Screws
  • 1x Manual


Chick Heating Plate - 15 Chick Heating Plate


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