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Facial Brush Bamboo Handle

Facial Brush Bamboo Handle

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  • Our awesome superfine bamboo fibers facial brush will help you exfoliate dead facial skin cells while brightening your skin and keeping it firm.
  • Gently cleans pores and removes blackheads; oil; and other dirt. It is soft and gentle on delicate skin while effective in cleaning.
  • Its massaging action will leave your face looking clean and fresh. You will just love it!
  • This brush has a strong wooden handle and naturally derived bristles.
  • Natural. Eco-friendly. Low-waste. Non-electric. A must-have in your skincare environmental-friendly products collection!


Gentle superfine bristles for sensitive skin. This brush uses extra soft bamboo fibers.
Non-electric; no need for batteries or electricity; scrub and wash.
Soften your skin by cleaning your face daily and removing oil and sweat buildup.
Apply cleaners to wet face. Gently brush your face in a circular motion.
Eco-friendly; low-waste; bamboo wooden handler and naturally derived bristles. You will love it!


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