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Heat Powered Stove Fan Aluminum Silent Eco Fan For Wood Log Burner Fireplace Warm Air Fan For Winter

Heat Powered Stove Fan Aluminum Silent Eco Fan For Wood Log Burner Fireplace Warm Air Fan For Winter

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Heat Powered



*Heat Powered*:This heat powered fan generate power by converting heat from stove into electricity,the motor will be driven once it accepts the electricity and then make blades spin. No batteries or electricity are required,eco-friendly.
*Large Air Volume*:Featuring with 3 blades,it can diffuse warm air throughout the whole room. Just place the fan on the stove flat surface,it will work when the stove surface comes heat. Airflow coverage is 180-230 CFM.
*Operating Temperature*:This heat stove fan operating temperature is about 60°C-350°C/ 140°F- 662°F. Usually,the fan gets spinning at about 80°C/176°F,and turns most efficiently when the temperature reaches about 250°C-300°C. The hotter the stove is,the faster the stove fan spins.
*Overheat Protection Device*:When the temperature exceeds 300 degrees,the metal heat insulation device at the bottom of the fan will automatically bend and tilt to the rear to protect.
*Quiet Work*:The moving part of this stove is the blades,and the noise is ≤ 35dB. When normally work,it is very quiet for you. You can enjoy warm in quiet environment.

1. The maximum temperature not exceed 350 °C,otherwise the stove fan may be damaged.
2. Please use this product with a free-standing stove instead of a built-in stove or other stoves with insulated top designs.
3. When the fan works normally,please keep children away from the fan.

Product Type: Heat Stove Fan
Material: Alumina
Color: Black
Blade Quantity: 4Pcs
Noise: ≤25dB
Motor Speed: 1100RPM
Airflow Coverage: 10/107.64 sq.ft
Operating Temperature: 50°C-350°C/ 122°F- 662°F
Item Size: 5.31x7.48x2.95in
Item Weight: 1.13lbs
*Package Lists*:

1x Heat Powered Stove Fan
1x User Manual


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