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Heirloom Seeds 19,000 Non-GMO Seeds 41 Varieties Survival Garden Seeds

Heirloom Seeds 19,000 Non-GMO Seeds 41 Varieties Survival Garden Seeds

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Heirloom Seeds 19,000 Non-GMO Seeds 41 Varieties Survival Garden Seeds


This seed pack comprises 41 Varieties of Heirloom seeds and has 19,000 100% Non-GMO seeds. These seeds come with a resealable mylar storage bag for long-term storage and as an emergency food supply. 


Heirloom 19,000 Non-GMO Seeds Survival Garden Seeds


Each heirloom variety is packed in its resealable bag and proper quantity. Our survival heirloom seed can be stored for 3 years or more at room temperature


Heirloom 19,000 Non-GMO Seeds Survival Garden Seeds



  • 41 Heirloom varieties up to 19,000 seeds.
  • Non Hybrid and Non GMO
  • Can be grown anywhere.
  • Comes with Heirloom fruit and veggie seeds.
  • Packed in a Mylar Package with proper quantities in airtight and moist-proof storage.
  • Can be stored for up to 3 years or more a room temperature. 


    Package Includes:

  • BEANS Pinto (40-50 Seeds): beans are great for canning, freezing, and drying! They have a very heavy yield
  • BEETS Detroit Dark Red (200-250 Seeds): Quality canning and pickling beet. Robust flavor.
  • BROCCOLI Waltham 29 (100-125 Seeds): Good in short-season areas with cool nights. Slow bolting.
  • BRUSSEL SPROUTS Long Island Improved (100-125 Seeds): Compact semi-erect plants produce a heavy set of firm sprouts.
      • CABBAGE Golden Acre (100-125 Seeds): Very early. Suited for close spacing!
  • CANTALOUPE Edisto 47 (50 Seeds): Rind has a yellow cast when mature.
  •  Has coarse flesh and sweet distinct flavor
  • CARROT Danvers 126 (600-700 Seeds): Good yielder even in heavy soils.
  • CELERY Utah Tall (1,000 Seeds): Rich in important nutrients
  • COLLARDS Vates (450-500 Seeds): Holds longer without bolting. Widely adapted.
  • CORN Truckers Favorite Yellow or White (50-60 Seeds): Old time open pollinated favorite for home gardeners!
  • CUCUMBER Boston Pickling (100 Seeds): Great for Salads, pickling, and eating straight off the vine.
  • HERB CILANTRO-CORIANDER (100 - 125 Seeds): Great in your Mexican dishes
  • KALE Red Russian (1,200 - 1,500 Seeds): Extremely hardy, broad thick blue-gray-green plume-like leaves. Slightly frilled edges.
  • KALE SIBERIAN ( 1,200 - 1,500 Seeds): Great Taste With Smooth Leaves.
  • KOLHRABI Early Purple or White Vienna (1,200-1,500 Seeds): Great cooked or diced in a salad!
  • LETTUCE Buttercrunch (2,500 Seeds) and Black Seeded Simpson (2,500 Seeds): Both are popular varieties and easy to grow!
  • MUSTARD Florida Broadleaf (2,500 Seeds): Heavy producer and great tasting!
  • OKRA Clemson Spineless (40-50 Seeds): Heavy yield potential. Pods keep color when cooked.!
  • PEPPERS Cal Wonder Sweet Bell (50 Seeds)
  • PEPPERS Jalapeno (50 Seeds)
  • PEPPERS Hungarian Hot Wax (50 Seeds)
  • PEPPERS Habanero Red (50 Seeds) 
  • RADISH CHAMPION (225-250 Seeds): Great Variety And Very early producer.
  • RUTABAGA American Purple Top (1,200 - 1,400 Seeds): Yellow flesh with even texture. Prolific leaves for greens.
  • SPINACH Bloomsdale (300-350 Seeds): Very tender, makes a great salad!
  • SQUASH Straightneck (50 Seeds) and Yellow Crookneck (50 Seeds): Both are must haves for any garden!
  • SWISSCHARD Giant Fordhook (100 Seeds): Popular standard for home garden and fresh market.
  • TOMATO Beefsteak (50 Seeds): Great Tasting Heirloom!
  • TOMATO Marglobe (50 Seeds): Wonderful Heirloom Sauce Tomato!
  • TOMATO Roma (50 Seeds): Best Canning Tomato On The Market!
  • TOMATO Large Red Cherry (50 Seeds): Perfect Salad Tomato!
  • TURNIP Purple Top White Globe (1,200-1,500 Seeds): Sweet flavor. Semi-erect, prolific greens.
  • WATERMELON Crimson Sweet or Sugar Baby (50 Seeds): Very sweet! Great for home gardens and roadside markets!
  • ZUCCHINI Black Beauty (50 Seeds): A staple in every garden!!



      (1). HALE'S BEST
      (2). HEARTS OF GOLD
      (4). HONEY ROCK     

        Heirloom Seeds 19,000 Non-GMO Seeds 41 Varieties Survival Garden Seeds


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