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Lava Lamp - Color Changing LED Jellyfish Lava Light Lamp

Lava Lamp - Color Changing LED Jellyfish Lava Light Lamp

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Lava Lamp - Color Changing LED Jellyfish Lava Light Lamp

This jellyfish lava lamp enhances any room's ambiance with its captivating decorative accents. Our lava lamp's lifelike jellyfish movement and gentle light offer stress relief and relaxation. This jellyfish lava lamp offers customizable colors and effects for any mood or occasion, from lively parties to peaceful bedtime settings. The lava lamp offers USB and battery power, providing flexibility for use anywhere, anytime. This jellyfish lava lamp operates quietly with low-noise pumps, perfect for peaceful enjoyment in workspaces, bedrooms, or relaxation areas. Our lava lamp is crafted with PVC and silicone for realistic movement, which is ideal for indoors.

Lava Lamp - Color Changing LED Jellyfish Lava Light Lamp

Enjoy our jellyfish lava lamp, combining aesthetic appeal and mood enhancement.

Lava Lamp - Color Changing LED Jellyfish Lava Light Lamp


  • Bring Ocean To The Table: Realistic artificial jellyfish float on the tiny water stream generated by the lamp's motor, creating a perfect soothing atmosphere. Their realistic and peaceful movement will make you question whether they are real.
  • Solid Or Mixed Lighting Colors: Our jellyfish lamp has 11pcs upgraded LED beads and one SELECT button. It has 8 lighting effects and consists of 3 color beads(red/green/blue). You can display the solid or mixed-color light status to suit different occasions. For example, red suits parties, discos, birthdays, and family concerts; blue is best for bedrooms and home theaters, and green is best for restaurants.
  • Dual Power Supply Methods: The mood lamp comes with a charging cable. You can charge it through a PC USB output port, a power bank, or 4 pcs AAA batteries(not included). If you need an interesting work and life partner, the LED jellyfish lava lamp is your best choice.
  • Low Noise Pump: Our jellyfish lava lamp is equipped with an ultra-quiet water pump, which can meet the requirements of working or sleeping, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful, peaceful and soothing deep-sea atmosphere
  • Great Relaxation Mood Lamp: The slow change of colors and slow-floating jellyfish are soothing and visually create a soothing and relaxing environment, which helps calm you down. Realistic jellyfish lamps can be night lights for kids and adults and help you fall asleep. They can be a perfect gift for boys, children, girls, or anyone who likes to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the ocean, underwater creatures, and marine environment on the desk.


  • Power: 2.5W
  • Materials: PVC, Silicone Jellyfish
  • LED Beads: 11Pcs
  • Powered By: Included Charging Cable/4Pcs AAA Batteries (Not Included)
  • Input: 5V/500Mah
  • Color Selections: Red Light→Green Light→Blue Light→Red+Green Light →Red +Blue Light→Green+Blue Light→Red+Green+Blue Light→7 Color Gradient Light
  • Charging Cable Length: 39.3in
  • Jellyfish Size: 1.38x1.38x3.23in
  • Jellyfish Weight: 0.1OZ
  • Item Size: 3.94x3.94x11.22in
  • Item Weight: 0.81lbs
  • Package Size: 12.6*4.9*4.9in
  • Package Weight: 1.15lbs


How to use the jellyfish lamp correctly:

  • If you don't add 2-3 drops of dishwashing liquid to the water, the jellyfish will not swim.
  • If the jellyfish attaches to the blister, the jellyfish will not swim, and the blister needs to be removed.
  • Turn on the switch at least 30 minutes before putting the jellyfish into the aquarium after filling the water.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Decorative Jellyfish Lava Lamp
  • 2x Lifelike Jellyfish
  • 1x Charging Cable
  • 1x User Manual

Lava Lamp - Color Changing LED Jellyfish Lava Light Lamp


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