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Led Grow Light - Full Spectrum 4 Strip Grow Light

Led Grow Light - Full Spectrum 4 Strip Grow Light

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Led Grow Light - Full Spectrum 4 Strip Grow Light


This 4-strip warm white LED growth light has 192 LED chips with wavelengths from 380nm to 780 nm, enough to bring full spectrum light to mimic natural sunlight. Our grow light will help your plants grow better and prevent burning. This plant light features 10 levels of brightness and electrodeless dimming that are controllable to bring different illumination to meet the lighting needs of your plants during their various stages. This grow light for plants has an auto on/off function (3/9/12 hours) that you can freely set up every day while busy or at work. Our led grow lights include 9 cable ties, 5-double sided tapes, and 17 screws for more flexible and convenient use. You don’t have to worry when you water plants because this grows light is water-resistance and features energy-saving lights.


Led Grow Light - Full Spectrum 4 Strip Grow Light


Enjoy our Full Spectrum Grow Light for excellent growth and nourishment and promote hydroponic growing and indoor planting.


Led Grow Light - Full Spectrum 4 Strip Grow Light



  • Full Spectrum Grow Light - 4-Strip Warm White LED Grow Light Strip features 192 LED chips with wavelengths from 380 nm to 780 nm to provide full spectrum light, offering sufficient sun-like lighting to improve your plants' photosynthesis and better growth, suitable for garden starters and lovers to promote hydroponic growing and indoor planting
  • 10 Brightness Levels & Light Group Control - Features 10 brightness levels and electrodeless dimming to offer various brightness to meet the lighting requirements of your plants at different stages, promoting better growth and avoiding burning your plants; You can control 4 lights at the same time or control 2 lights to offer different illumination and lighting coverage
  • Auto turn On/Off - With a circular memory timer function for 3/9/12 hours, automatically turns on/off every day according to your setting, so it can take good care of your plants whether you are at busy work or on vacation
  • Flexible Installation - With 9 cable ties for binding it on the flower shelf or growing shelf; With 5 double-sided tapes for sticking it to the table or growing cabinets; With 17 screws for mounting it to the wall; You can choose the suitable installation way depending on different places, like greenhouse, home or office
  • Durability & Convenient to Use - Features energy-saving LED lights for long-time use and water-resistance, no worry about splashing water; USB plug with power adapter for convenient power supply



    • Each Light String Overall Dimension(LxWxH): 13 3/16" x 9/16" x 1/4" (33.5 x 1.4 x 0.7 cm)
    • Input Voltage: 100 to 240 V
    • Adaptor Output Voltage: 5 V
    • Power: 20 W
    • LED Number: 192
    • LED Lifetime: 50000 H
    • Overall Luminous Flux: 1600 lm
    • Luminance Efficiency(LM/W): 80
    • IP Rating: IP 65
    • Light Color: Warm White
    • Material: Aluminium, ABS
    • Net Weight: 0.55 Lb


      Package Includes:

      • 1x Grow Light
      • 1x Adapter
      • 9x Cable Ties
      • 5x Double-sided Tapes
      • 17x Screws
      • 1x Manual


        Led Grow Light - Full Spectrum 4 Strip Grow Light


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