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Outdoor Patio Heater, Pyramid Standing Gas LP Propane Heater With Wheels 87 Inches Tall 42000 BTU For Commercial Courtyard (Black)

Outdoor Patio Heater, Pyramid Standing Gas LP Propane Heater With Wheels 87 Inches Tall 42000 BTU For Commercial Courtyard (Black)

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Include a reliable igniter and a safety auto shut off tilt valve. Constructed with high class aluminum, powder coated and durable stainless steel. Mesmerizing flame not only provides 360 degree strong heat but also provides an elegant visual feast for your outdoor living. Ideal for your garden, law


Heat Type: Propane





42,000 BTU burner heats up to 200 sq ft, the heat is transferred upward through the explosion-proof glass tube and radiated by the top reflector, heating up quickly and smoothly.

Suitable for 20lbs standard propane cylinder tank (tank not included), gas type: propane, butane and mixtures (LPG), this heater is best used with propane gas.

The heater adopts anti-tilting design and has an automatic closing device, the pyramid-shaped design is more stable.

This heater certificated by CE and ETL.Ignition method: pulse ignition, power range: 5-13KW, can meet different heating needs, equipped with wheels, it can move to the required position at will.

Pyramid heaters require two people to assemble, and gloves are required to prevent accidents during installation.

Be sure to read the installation instructions before installation.

Turn on the heater:Ensure the variable control knob is at the OFF positionConnect the gas regulator to a compatible gas cylinder

Push and turn the variable control knob to the "Pilot " position and hold for 60 seconds.

While holding down the control knob, press the ignition button. A pilot flame should appear.

Once the blue pilot flame stays alight constantly, release the variable knob.Turn the variable control knob to the desired temperature position – Lo to Hi


When lighting the heater for the first time or a new cylinder is connected, the air inside the hose must be purged. This process will take a few minutes as liquefied petroleum gas is heavier than air.

As a result the variable control knob should be pressed down at the Pilot position for 3 Minutes instead of the normal 60 second periodThis ensures the gas purges the air in the hose and passes from the cylinder through to the main burner

Turn off the heater:

Turn the variable control to the PILOT positionPush and turn the variable control knob to the OFF positionTurn the regulator connected to the gas cylinder to the OFF position.


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