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Portable Charge - 10000mAH 3 USB Power Bank

Portable Charge - 10000mAH 3 USB Power Bank

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Portable Charge - 10000mAH 3 USB Power Bank

This power bank with an advanced protection chip guarantees safety across overcharge, discharge, overload, short circuit, and leakage protection for more than 800 charging cycles. Our portable charger has a  lithium-ion composition that enhances longevity and safety. This power bank charger features a sleek black cover design, a timeless and stylish aesthetic that remains impervious to fashion trends. Additionally, boasting three USB outputs and an LED FLIP Light with a power indicator, you can easily manage power dynamics anytime. With a capacity of 10,000 mAh, our power bank is a reliable and high-capacity portable charging solution.

Portable Charge - 10000mAH 3 USB Power Bank

Experience our portable charger, which is convenient, versatile, and provides reliable power, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and functionality in different situations.

Portable Charge - 10000mAH 3 USB Power Bank


  • 100% Brand New, High Quality
  • 3 USB output, LED FLIP Light with LED power indicator show, at any time control power.
  • Long service life, more than 800 times the charging and discharging.
  • The use of an advanced intelligent protection chip, overcharge protection, discharge protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, leakage protection, and five heavy security protections.
  • The lithium-ion, long service life, more safety
  • After 72 hours of text, the product performance is stable.
  • Black Cover, the classic stylish color, never out of style


  • Capacity:  10000mAh
  • Battery Type: Lithium Battery
  • Input Voltage: DC 5V +/- 0.05
  • Output Voltage: DC 5V +/- 0.05
  • Output Current: 1A, 2A
  • Input charging time: 5-9 hours
  • Dimensions: (Approx) 5.9” x 3.3” x 0.8”

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 10000mAh Power Bank
  • 1 x USB Charger Cable

Portable Charge - 10000mAH 3 USB Power Bank


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