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Portable Charger 2000W - Power Station 1573Wh 436800mAh

Portable Charger 2000W - Power Station 1573Wh 436800mAh

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Portable Charger 2000W - Power Station 1573Wh  436800mAh


This portable charger offers a maximum power output of 2000 and a large battery capacity of 1573 watt-hours (Wh). Allowing you to power a wide range of devices simultaneously. Our Power Station suits for running larger appliances, power tools, electronics, and more during power outages. This portable power station incorporates an upgraded inverter with E-SPEED fast charging technology. This advanced technology allows for quick recharging of the power station's battery. Our Power Bank offers multiple charging options (1450W AC Adapter, Car Charger, and Solar Panel) to suit different needs and situations. The LED display provides a user-friendly interface that lets you quickly access the power station's status at a glance. Our Portable Charger enhances convenience and helps you make informed power management and usage decisions. Lastly, with a reliable BMS that prioritizes safety and multiple layers of protection against potential risks and hazards.


Portable Charger 2000W - Power Station 1573Wh  436800mAh


Enjoy our solar generator power station for substantial power that will add significant value to your workflow by providing on-demand power.


Portable Charger 2000W - Power Station 1573Wh  436800mAh



  •  1573Wh / 436800mAh huge capacity
  •  E-Speed fast AC charge, from 0% to 80%, only need 1hour
  •  E-UPS technology quickly switches power within 0.1 second
  •  Up to 2000W AC output, peak power 4000W
  •  100W big power Type-C port can run Type-C laptop
  •  With 3 modes of built-in LED light
  •  With storage spacing for storing cables or small things
  •  With a handle at 2 sides, easy to portable
  •  DC input power up to 300W



    • Capacity: 1573Wh (436800mAh/3.6V)
    • AC output: 2000W (Peak 4000W)
    • USB port: 3xQC3.0 (18W); 1x5V/2.4A
    • Type-C port: 2xPD 100W
    • DC port: 2x13.6V/3A (Max)
    • Car port: 1x13.6V/10A (Max)
    • AC input: E-Speed 1450W (Max)
    • DC input (PV): 10-40V/8A, 300W (Max)
    • Battery: Lithium-ion
    • LED light: 3 modes


      Package Includes:

      • 1x Portable power station
      • 1x User manual
      • 1x AC cable
      • 1x Car charger (Anderson)


        Portable Charger 2000W - Power Station 1573Wh  436800mAh


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