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Portable Projector 8000L with Carrying Bag, 1080P Supported RD-823 , white

Portable Projector 8000L with Carrying Bag, 1080P Supported RD-823 , white

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Home projector remarkable tech specs:
8000Lux (Over 150 ANSI)
4.3" LCD screen
1280*720 native resolution
Full HD 1080P supported
5000:1 High Contrast
200'' display

Advanced 50% Zoom Function & Upgraded Wireless Connection:

50% Zoom Function:
Most LCD projectors allow adjusting the projection size only by changing the throw distance. Thus an optical zoom feature is a highly demanded function in a projector. portable projector has a motorized zoom facility to control the projector zoom by reducing the image up to 50% of the original length and width with the remote control.

For instance, you can use the remote control to adjust the length and width when you want to reduce the picture size. You don't have to rotate the projector lens zoom ring manually to adjust the zoom according to the actual distance anymore.

Wireless Connection:

portable WiFi Projector is the perfect way to get a movie theater experience at home. The latest integrated WiFi connection technology allows you to synchronize your smartphone screen with the projector.

Android/iOS/iPadOS/Windows 10 compatible.

Finest materials and overall build quality ensure long years of at-home movie nights! We are happy to bring you wired/wired-free opportunities to expand and diversify your experience with and without extra cables and dongles.

Wired Connection:

Watch your favorite movies even with no WiFi connection. Connect the projector to your phone via the original USB cable easily.

Higher Brightness:

Adopting the most advanced German LED lamp technology, portable WiFi Projector has an amazing +30% brightness gain and a native resolution of 1280x720.z

We know how the lack of brightness tires your eyes quickly, thus a portable video projector has a high brightness of 7500 lumens. Moreover, it utilizes bright eye protection LED light source, LCD display technology and supports 1080P resolution.

95% NTSC:

NTSC - It refers to the number of colors that a mode image can have.

At present, the color gamut of devices on the market is generally around 45%-72%, and the high color gamut is recognized as 90%, but it has reached an astonishing 95%.

With rich colors, the vividness of the picture has been significantly improved, making the excessive color in the picture more natural, effectively avoiding distortion and color blocks. The level is clear, can show more details, closer to the real effect.

With MEMC Technology:

MEMC - a kind of motion picture quality compensation technology used in LCD TVs or projectors and other display devices. It helps you done with this!

The effect is to remove the residual image of the previous frame, improve the dynamic clarity, and reduce the image trailing to a level that is difficult for the human eye to perceive.


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