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MadDog Vivo

Waterfall Swimming Pool Fountain with LED Lights

Waterfall Swimming Pool Fountain with LED Lights

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This color waterfall swimming pool fountain will add a visually stunning kaleidoscope of color to your pool! As it is powered by the water pressure passing through the fall, you can adjust the height and strength to your liking.
The interior dynamotor is powered by the pump's water pressure so the device does not require electricity or batteries. This pool fountain is also easy to install - connectors are included and no tools are required. This pool fountain will turn your pool into a glamorous oasis that will impress any guest.

Fits most above and in-ground pools
Color: White
Total size: 1' x 1' 5"
Equipped with 4 water jets and 12 LEDs
Color change sequence: Red-blue-green-red / blue-red / green / blue / green-red / blue / green


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