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Weed Puller - 38.97 Aluminum Manual Weed Puller Tool

Weed Puller - 38.97 Aluminum Manual Weed Puller Tool

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Weed Puller - 38.97 Aluminum Manual Weed Puller Tool

This 38.97-inch weed puller allows standing weed removal, offering a safe, chemical-free garden maintenance solution. Our weed puller features four strong 3.15-inch claws with serrated teeth, ideal for professional landscaping in parks, backyards, and front yards. This weeder tool is crafted from high-quality materials and ensures durability and comfort with its anti-slip handle for a secure grip. Our versatile weed puller is perfect for eliminating weeds like dandelions, crabgrass, and thistle, making it an ideal gift for yard enthusiasts.

Weed Puller - 38.97 Aluminum Manual Weed Puller Tool

Experience the convenience of our weed puller, which provides a natural, chemical-free method for weed removal and preserves soil and environmental health.

Weed Puller - 38.97 Aluminum Manual Weed Puller Tool


  • Stand up Weed Puller: Our weed puller with a long rod helps you get rid of bending knees and back pain and allows you to stand up to remove those pesky and reoccurring weeds. Without using harsh chemicals to harm your soil, we provide you with an efficient, scientific, and safe method to achieve a beautiful garden.
  • Upgraded 4 Claws Design: Equipped with 4 stronger 3.15-inch claws with serrated teeth, can deeply reach various soils, firmly grasp the handle, and easily remove almost all types of weeds. A professional tool for your garden, backyard, and front yard landscaping.
  • Efficient & Easy to Use: No installation is needed. You can directly use this effective weed puller after getting it. Just apply force on the foot pedal and push the claws to penetrate the ground. Pull your weeder upward to lift the weeds. Its easy operation makes it suitable not only for young people but also for other middle-aged and elderly people.
  • Premium Material: Made of high-quality aluminum and premium plastic, this weed puller is durable and sturdy and has excellent anti-abrasion,anti-scratch, and rustproof performance. We especially design an anti-slip texture on the plastic handle to ensure your comfortable and secure usage experience.
  • Wide Application: This 38.97-inch weed remover tool has an ergonomic design and is perfect for eliminating dandelions, crabgrass, chickweed, thistle, and other types of weeds. It is an ideal gift for friends who enjoy working in the yard.


    • Material: Aluminum, Plastic
    • Color: Green
    • Rivet Length: 3.15in
    • Item Size: 7.48x 1.77 x 38.97in
    • Item Weight: 2.2lbs
    • Package Size: 8.66x 3.15 x 41.73 in
    • Package Weight: 3.2lbs

      Package Includes:

      • 1x Stand up Weed Puller 

      Weed Puller - 38.97 Aluminum Manual Weed Puller Tool


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