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Air Duster - One Key Control Electronic Air Computer Duster

Air Duster - One Key Control Electronic Air Computer Duster

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Air Duster - One Key Control Electronic Air Computer Duster

This electric air duster is eco-friendly and does not contain harmful chemicals, unlike canned air. At 4500 rpm, our powerful air duster effectively cleans dust from various surfaces, such as computers, cameras, sofas, and other electronic equipment. This air duster offers two adjustable speed settings for customized airflow, ensuring efficient and precise cleaning. Our compressed air duster includes interchangeable nozzles for versatile cleaning, from dusting to removing stubborn debris. This electric air duster boasts a user-friendly design and simple operation. Our air duster also has built-in lights for visibility in dark areas, enhancing usability.

Air Duster - One Key Control Electronic Air Computer Duster

Enjoy the convenience of our electric air duster, offering a sustainable, cost-effective, and robust cleaning solution over traditional canned air.

Air Duster - One Key Control Electronic Air Computer Duster


  • Powerful Deep Cleaning:This air duster produces a powerful air thrust at almost 23m/s(75.5ft/s) with a 45000 RPM motor for deep cleaning tiny dust particles,great for cleaning computers,camera lenses,sofas,electronic equipment,medical equipment,and so on. Compared with canned air,this device is chemicals-free and therefore eco-friendly and safe for your electronics.
  • 2 Adjustable Speeds:The unit offers precise control as it comprises two adjustable speeds for convenience. The low-speed setting is recommended for light cleaning tasks,while the high-speed setting eliminates heavy and hidden dirt. Just choose the right speed to maximize cleaning efficiency.
  • 2 Alternative Nozzles & Built-in Light:It also comes with 2 nozzles for versatility. The round nozzle is ideal for dusting,whereas the brush nozzle works well for eliminating tough debris. Moreover,built-in LED light makes night cleaning and dark corner cleaning just a snap.
  • Rechargeable Design:This air blower with Type C charging port supports multiple charging like power bank,adapter,and laptop. Its built-in 6000mAh battery offers a runtime of about 20-35Mins following a fully charge. What’s more,cordless design makes cleaning easier and faster with no tangled cords getting in the way when moving around.
  • Handy & Simple Operation:The ergonomic handle offers a comfortable and firm grip for maximum productivity. Its’ quite easy to operate with 2 separate switches. Long press the fan switch to start cleaning and then short press to switch between 2 gears. If needed,short press the light switch to turn on the light.


    • Color: Black
    • Material: ABS
    • Input: DC5V 2A
    • Power: 65W
    • Motor Speed: 45000RPM
    • Battery: Built-in 12V 6000mAh Lithium
    • Charging Time: 4-6Hrs
    • Work Time: 20-35Mins
    • Air Duster Size: 7.3x4.33x3.35in
    • Air Duster Weight: 0.78lbs
    • Brush Nozzle Length: 4.9in
    • Round Nozzle Length: 4.65in
    • USB Cable Length: 25.6in
    • Package Size: 9.3x6.7x4.3in
    • Package Weight: 1.15lbs

      Package Includes:

      • 1 x Air Duster
      • 1 x Brush Nozzle
      • 1 x Round Nozzle
      • 2 x Brushes

      Air Duster - One Key Control Electronic Air Computer Duster


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