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Air Filter - Portable Air Cleaner With Long Lasting Battery

Air Filter - Portable Air Cleaner With Long Lasting Battery

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Air Filter - Portable Air Cleaner With Long Lasting Battery

This air filter covers a 215.3 sq. ft area with 360º filtration, effectively removing germs for clean air. Our air filter has a user-friendly display indicating auto/manual modes, fan operation, anion function, battery level, and air quality. This portable air filter with a convenient handle can be used in homes, offices, cars, hotels, and more, providing clean air wherever needed. Our air filter runs for up to 20 hours with a 7-hour charge. This portable air filter features a Night Light Function for comfortable nighttime reading alongside fresh air delivery.

Air Filter - Portable Air Cleaner With Long Lasting Battery

Enjoy our portable air filter, which creates a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment.

Air Filter - Portable Air Cleaner With Long Lasting Battery


  • Efficient Air Sterilization: Equipped with multiple all-around air intake holes, our filtrer can provide a 360 º purifying system and cover 215.3sq.ft area, effectively killing germs and offering a clean air atmosphere.
  • Portable Air Filter: With a handle, you can take our filter anywhere you go, such as the kitchen, bedroom, living room, car, office, parlor, basement, garage, etc. It also provides a charging cable to charge the filter when it shows a low battery.
  • Long-lasting Battery: Fully charged for about 7 hours, our filter can work 20 hours via Manual Mode 1, 10 hours via Manual Mode 2, and 7 hours via Manual Mode 3.
  • Digital Display: The digital display is easy to read. It shows auto and manual modes, fan working indicator, anion function indicator, battery status, and air quality indicator. The indicator stays red for extremely bad air quality, yellow for poor air quality, and green for good air quality. The indicator stays green if the anion function is on. If the battery power is under 10%, the figure ”10” will flicker until the filter is powered off.
  • Night Light Function: To open the light, double-press the “〇” button once. Thus, we can read books at night while breathing fresh air.


    • Color: White
    • Material: ABS + Filter + Circuit Board
    • Inbuilt Battery: 10000mAh Polymer Battery
    • Voltage: 3.7V
    • Power: 37W
    • Rated Frequency: 50Hz
    • Charging Voltage & Current: DC5.0V/1500mA
    • Fan Working Current: First Manual Mode 450mA; Second Manual Mode 910mA; Third Manual Mode 1300mA
    • Fan Working Power: First Manual Mode 1.7W; Second Manual Mode 3.5W; Third Manual Mode 5W
    • Charging Time: About 7 Hours
    • Working Time: First Manual Mode: Around 20Hrs; Second Manual Mode: Around 10Hrs; Third Manual Mode: Around 7Hrs
    • 4 Modes: Auto Mode(Switch Gears Based On Air Quality), First Manual Mode, Second Manual Mode, Third Manual Mode
    • Auto Mode: Press“〇” Button Once
    • Manual Mode 1: Press“〇” Button Twice
    • Manual Mode 2: Press“〇” Button Three Times
    • Manual Mode 3: Press“〇” Button Four Times
    • Power Off: Press“〇” Button Five Times
    • 2 Functions: Anion Function, Night Light Function
    • Anion Function(On: Long Press “〇” Button Once, OFF: Long Press “〇” Button Twice)
    • Night Light Function (On: Double Press “〇” Button Once, OFF: Double Press “〇” Button Twice)
    • Anion Density: 8×106 PCS/cm3
    • Applicable Area: 118.4-215.3sq.ft
    • Noise: 30dB
    • Air Volume: 50m3/Hour
    • Charging Cable Length: 40.7in
    • Item Size: 6.3x6.3x10.4in
    • Item Weight: 2.6lbs


    • Before first use, please charge the air filter for at least 3 hours.
    • Please don’t wash the filter with water. It’s recommended to clean it with a hairdryer and soft brush.
    • It is recommended that the filter be cleaned half a month and replaced every 3 months.

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Air Filter
    • 1 x Type-C Charging Cable
    • 1 x Handle
    • 1 x User Manual

    Air Filter - Portable Air Cleaner With Long Lasting Battery


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