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Car Emergency Kit for Roadside Emergency

Car Emergency Kit for Roadside Emergency

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Car Emergency Kit for Roadside Emergency

Don't get stuck on the side of the road unprepared, wishing you had a car emergency kit in the trunk.

Our roadside emergency kit gives you the tools and resources you need when you're stranded, have a dead battery, or when your car breaks down.

We cannot control everything when we are on the road and driving. Sometimes the unexpected happens, but a little preparation can help you have a safer and more comfortable driving journey.

Our essential roadside emergency kit can give you peace of mind when you are on the go, knowing that you have the necessary tools and resources in your car when it breaks down.

Food and water are vital to have in an emergency, which is why we packed our kit with food that can provide 3600 calories and 12 water pouches.

This car safety kit also includes a reflective vest so that the other drivers can see you more easily. Since working with your car can also be dangerous, we include gloves to protect your hands and a triangle sign and lights to signal other drivers.

Help yourself, be safe, and road-ready anytime with our car survival kit.


  1. Essential Car Accessory
  2. With Food & Water
  3. With Safety Necessity
  4. All-time season use
  5. Essential Surviving Kits


  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Dimensions: 18"x12"x10"

Package Includes:

Red Duffle Bag
Food & Water
  • 1x 3600kcal food ration bars
  • 12x 4.2 oz water pouches
  • 1x GI Can Opener
Light & Communication
  • 1x Motion Sensor Headlamp
  • 2x Light Sticks
  • 1x 4-in-1 Dynamo Flashlight
  • 53 Piece First Aid Kit
  • 15x Medium Bandages
  • 15x Small Bandages
  • 6x Antiseptic Wipes
  • 2x Butterfly Closures
  • 2x Small Sterile Sponge Dressing
  • 1x Povidone-Iodine Prep Pad
  • 2x Hand Wash Cleaning Wipes
  • 10x Cotton Tip Applicators
Emergency Automobile Equipment
  • 1x 6 Gauge 16 Foot Jumper Cables
  • 1x Polyester Tow Rope - 10,000 lbs Towing Capacity
  • 1x Safety Vest
  • 1x Emergency Triangle
Weather Protection
  • 2x Emergency Sleeping Bag
  • 2x Adult Poncho
  • 1x Tube Tent
  • 2x Hand Warmers
  • 1x HeatStore Reflective Blanket
  • 1x Toilet Paper Roll
Survival Gear
  • 1x 5-in-1 Whistle
  • 1x Multitool Knife
  • 1x Heavy Duty Work Gloves
  • 1x Roll of Duct Tape
  • 1x 5mm 50 Foot Rope
  • 1x Playing cards
  • 1x Waterproof Notebook
  • 1x Pencil
  • 1x Box of Waterproof Matches
  • 1x Firestarters


Car Emergency Kit for Roadside Emergency


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