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Hexagon Lights - 8 Pcs RGBW Colorful Hex Lights

Hexagon Lights - 8 Pcs RGBW Colorful Hex Lights

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Hexagon Lights - 8 Pcs RGBW Colorful Hex Lights

These 8-piece hexagon lights offer unique and customizable lighting arrangements for various spaces and décor styles. Our hex lights enhance any room with a cozy ambiance, serving as accent lighting, mood lighting, or decorative wall art. These hexagon LED lights offer 16 million colors and 213 styles for home decoration. Our hexagon lights feature a remote or app control for effortlessly adjusting brightness, color, and lighting effects without manual operation. These LED hexagon lights sync with music, changing colors and pulsing with beats, enhancing ambiance in playrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms.

Hexagon Lights - 8 Pcs RGBW Colorful Hex Lights

Enjoy our hexagon lights for limitless creative lighting designs with countless configurations.

Hexagon Lights - 8 Pcs RGBW Colorful Hex Lights


  • Smart App & Remote Control: Our hexagon lights can be controlled remotely via the duoCo Strip to turn on or off, change colors, adjust brightness, speed control, and time settings, and choose from 16 million colors and 213 styles to decorate your home. There is no need to touch; you can also control lights easily with a control panel cable.
  • Dance Along With Music:  Our game wall LED panel has a phone mic and external sound source options. It can receive sound waves and quickly change colors. It pulses to the rhythm, allowing you to immerse yourself in the music and dance with it, adding to the atmosphere of an intense event!
  • Customize Your Lighting Pattern: Contains 8 individual LED panels, the light can be stitched together into various shapes at will. You can also connect more RGB wall panels. Use 2 USB powers if you connect 16 Hexagon LED Panels.(Friendly reminder: our package includes only 1 USB cable and 8 LED panels).
  • Easy To Install: The hexagon wall lights are easy to install with double-sided adhesive tape, perfect for TV backdrops and game decor. Cultivate children’s imagination and creativity while providing personalized lighting and ambiance for your playroom, living room, and bedroom wall decor.
  • Perfect Gifts: The hexagonal wall lamp adopts a USB connection, and the USB power supply can be connected to a mobile power supply, computer, or notebook, which greatly expands the hexagonal lamp's use. This is a perfect decorative gift for friends, kids, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc.


    • Materials: ABS
    • Product Color: White
    • Lighting Color: 16Million Colorful Lights
    • 213 Styles(Dynamic Scenes): 47 Basic Styles, 20 Curtain Styles, 20 Trans Styles, 18 Water Styles, 24 Flow Styles, 16 Tail Styles, 34 Run Styles, 34 Run Back Styles
    • App Control Speed Adjustment: 0-100
    • App Control Brightness Adjustment: Dimmable
    • App Name: duoCo Strip
    • Remote Control: 2.4G
    • Remote Control Range: About 10m/32.8ft
    • Built In Remote Battery: 1Pc CR2025 3V Lithium Cell Battery (Included)
    • Power: 1.5W Per Light
    • Supply Voltage: DC 5V
    • Triple Control Options: APP Control/Remote Control/Wire Control Button
    • Time Setting On Remote Control: 1Hr/2Hr/3Hr Timing Off
    • Time Setting On App Control: Support Time On/Off
    • Installation: Wall Mount
    • USB Cable Length;68.89in/5.74ft
    • Remote Control Size: 1.81x4.65x0.2in
    • Remote Control Weight: 0.5lbs
    • Per LED Panel Size: 3.93x3.34x1.1in
    • Per LED Panel Weight:0.16lbs
    • Package Size: 7.28x4.21x6.11in
    • Package Weight: 1.71lbs

      Package Includes:

      • 8x LED Panels
      • 8x Link Chips
      • 8x Double Sided Adhesive Tapes
      • 16x Snaps
      • 1x Button Control USB Cable
      • 1x Remote Control
      • 1x User Manual

      Hexagon Lights - 8 Pcs RGBW Colorful Hex Lights


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