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Tiered Tray - Rustic Look Two Tier Tray

Tiered Tray - Rustic Look Two Tier Tray

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Tiered Tray - Rustic Look Two Tier Tray

This 2-tiered tray saves space by letting you store or display more vertically in a smaller area. Our tiered tray, with an iron handle, is crafted from premium Paulownia materials in white and tan colors. This 2-tier tray has a rustic look, adding a cozy and homey feel, ideal for parties, events, or home decor. The high raised edges keep items secure, while the open design ensures easy access. Our tiered tray is versatile and suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, or dining areas for displaying fruits, desserts, toiletries, or decorative items.

Tiered Tray - Rustic Look Two Tier Tray

Enjoy our 2-tier tray, which offers space-saving organization, versatility, and style.

Tiered Tray - Rustic Look Two Tier Tray


  • Rustic-Looking Tray: It adopts premium Paulownia materials and shows as white and tan. In addition to the iron handle, it presents a rustic look, which brings a cozy and homey vibe to any space. It is the perfect food tray and home decoration for parties, events, or your personal home interior style.
  • Maximize Your Counter Space: The 2-tier tray effectively saves space. The sturdy handle allows for smooth and safe carrying from counter to table or room to room. The dual-tier tray can be disassembled when not in use for easy storage. Add the tiered tray to your home to create a fun rustic farmhouse theme!
  • Considerate Edges:1.06in High raised edges keep the items from falling out while the open design keeps them easily reachable and visible.
  • Wide Applications: The tray is suitable for the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and garden to display or store desserts, cups, small plants, and anything else you like. You can mix things up and celebrate seasons and holidays in your way—great for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and more, it shows your pursuit of individuality and love for life.
  • Easy Assembly: The 2-tier tray can be assembled in 3 minutes without tools. It makes a good centerpiece for a side or dining room table.


    • Materials: Paulownia; Iron Rod
    • Small Tray Inner Diameter: 22cm/8.66in
    • Small Tray Outer Diameter: 24.7cm/9.72in
    • Large Tray Inner Diameter: 29.5cm/11.61in
    • Large Tray Outer Diameter: 32.3cm/12.7in
    • Assembled Item Size: 12.71x12.71x17.7in
    • Assembled Item Weight: 1.87lbs
    • Package Size: 13.98x13.78x3.54in
    • Package Weight: 2.58lbs

      Package Includes:

      • 1x 2 Trays
      • 2x Rods
      • 1x Round Screw Pad
      • 1x U Shaped Screw


      Tiered Tray - Rustic Look Two Tier Tray


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